Podcasts replaced my Netflix


Netflix and Amazon Prime replaced our cable a couple years ago, and now the already sparse TV time is being filled more with podcasts than the video streaming.

Living in a semi-rural Michigan, internet speeds leave much to be desired, yet podcasts are reliable much of the time. So, whether the window of time is 10 min or 2 hours, I can find the right length podcast for my tasks: 30 min drive to dance class, 1 hr drive to homeschool group, 20 min dinner prep, and pulling weeds in the garden looks a lot more appealing with a 45 min audio show!

The podcast sea is deep, an option for every interest, even the most obscure. Here are mine; you’ll notice some recent personal themes:

  • I got into The Minimalists podcast last year. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a good listen for your spring cleaning season, charming young men who have captivating stories about leaving lives of corporate success.
  • The Minimalists then led me to the Edit your Life podcast, which is more my speed. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are a thrill, but Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest can really speak to me as women who make family a priority while working and keeping a focus on what’s important.
  • Hiding in the Bathroom was recommended by the ladies at Edit your Life. I’m a couple episodes in, and pretty impressed with the value of the content. A couple of the titles include, Parenting as an Entrepreneur and Boundary Setting.
  • The kiddos get a kick out of Brains On. We cashed in on these during a road trip last year. They make such a nice switch from audio books, and certainly an improvement on repetitive radio. A new kid’s podcast I’m checking out is, Sugarcrash Kids.
  • Optimal Living Daily should not be listed last because I’ve probably gotten more value from this podcast than all of the others. A couple of reasons for this: each episode is less than 10 min, short enough for a drive into town. Secondly, Justin Malik’s framework of reading inspiring blog posts and book passages from a variety of authors, is a concept that’s filling such a need for me.

A few honorable mentions:

  • The Slow Home Podcast-I don’t know if it’s Brooke McAlary’s soothing Australian accent or the continued minimalist/slow living/back to basics theme, but I seem to keep grabbing an episode when any moment presents itself.
  • The TED shows: TED Talks and The TED Radio Hour
  • A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief– my favorite writing resource for homeschool is Brave Writer, and it’s really more than writing, it’s a lifestyle. #BraveWriterLifestyle
  • Another homeschool resource is Read Aloud Revival. Like the name suggests, the podcast focuses on literature recommendations and promotes reading to our kids.
  • The Allusionist– short episodes diving into the meaning of words, little tasty word snacks.
  • Star Talk Radio– Who doesn’t like listening to a discussion of astrophysics? And this being the first of my podcast experiences, it’ll always have a special place for me. #neildegrassetyson

Always happy to share the shows I keep going back to for more. What’s been playing in your earbuds?





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