Cooking up a Storm

Farm to Table sounds simplistic when one stops to think about the many people and processes were involved to put a potato onto your plate. All systems are subject to analysis, and our industrialized food system has had its fair share of negative attention of late. The humane treatment of animals, debate over genetic modification, and concern over widespread sugar addiction are all topics getting recent attention. Debate aside, how lucky are we to walk into any grocer in North America and find bananas, regardless of the season?

Systems can be improved upon, and there’s no real need to reinvent the wheel. So, how will the current culture and societal norms around food evolve? Instant disappearance of all fast food chains and processed foods are unlikely. Is it cheesy to think that someone notices when you bring your lunch to work, or when you pull out a snack brought from home instead of grabbing a bag of chips from the convenience store? Is it silly to assume that if more of us were demonstrating an evolved food culture, those around us might be influenced to do something similar?  Will food be the gateway to other conscious environmental change?

Whatever our relationship with food, there’s room in the market for the idyllic. The big names in the food industry are watching how consumers spend their food dollars. When demand shifts toward say, local sourcing or high quality ingredients, it’s likely the new demand will be met, and perhaps even with gusto.

If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

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